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Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFN)

Our network for Universal Toll Free numbers covers in excess of 40 countries worldwide, your business can have presence in over 40 countries with one single Freephone number.

Global Presence

WMX provides Universal Toll Free Numbers in over 40 countries worldwide. A Universal Toll Free Number (UIFN) look like this: 00800 xxxxxxxx. As a single phone number that can be dialled across multiple countries, free of charge for the caller, a UIFN allows your business to build an international presence.

A UIFN number enables you to advertise one global number rather than having individual numbers per country. One number is activated to receive calls from the required destination, you can choose out of 40 countries worldwide for where you use your universal phone number.

Having one UIFN means an improved customer experience as they benefit from only needing to call one standalone global free phone number as oppose to multiple numbers.


Buy a universal toll free numbers

Advantages of Using a Universal Toll Free Number

  • Your business can build a global presence.
  • Connect with customers anywhere on the globe- without leaving your desk.
  • Customers can call you free of charge which leads to an increase in calls.
  • One standalone global free to call phone number rather than multiple numbers.
  • A single number can be easier for marketing globally than a number per country.


Limitations for Using Universal Toll Free Numbers

  • The number begins with 00800 which can look unusual to people who do not know about telecoms.
  • Research has shown that people are more likely to dial a local number that they recognise.
  • There are phone systems in the UK set up to stop (BAR) international phone calls, this can result in faults being raised when the number is working perfectly.
  • Although called Universal, the list of countries is only just over 40.

Below is the list of countries that we currently support universal toll free numbers in, please contact us today to find out more and receive a quote.

Argentina phone numbers


Australia phone numbers


Austria phone numbers


Belgium phone numbers


Brazil phone numbers


Canada phone numbers


China phone numbers


Colombia phone numbers


Cyprus phone numbers


Czech-Republic-phone numbers


Denmark phone numbers


Estonia phone numbers


Finland phone numbers


France phone numbers


Germany phone numbers


Greece phone numbers


Hong Kong phone numbers


Hungary phone numbers


Iceland phone numbers


Ireland phone numbers


Israel phone numbers


Italy phone numbers


Japan phone numbers


Lithuania phone numbers


Luxembourg phone numbers


Malaysia phone numbers


Netherlands phone numbers


New Zealand phone numbers


Norway phone numbers


Peru phone numbers


Philippines phone numbers


Poland phone numbers


Portugal phone numbers


Russia phone numbers


Singapore phone numbers


Slovakia phone numbers


Spain phone numbers


Sweden phone numbers


Switzerland phone numbers


Taiwan phone numbers


Thailand phone numbers


UK phone numbers


united-states-phone numbers


uruguay-phone numbers


Other Global Solutions

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Our network for Universal Toll Free numbers covers in excess of 40 countries worldwide, your business can have presence in over 40 countries with one single Freephone number.


Truly Global Presence

Your business can become visible in over 40 countries thereby providing you with a truly global presence from the destination of your choice.


Simplifies Number Management

By having one single toll free number accessed from over 40 countries rather than multiple numbers, simplifies your contact number management.


Ideal Marketing Tool

A UIFN assists with your business marketing as it brings together your advertising material with one single number, increasing international awareness effectively and efficiently.


Highest Standard

Our experienced international experts can provide your business with the right strategic solution for you.


Increase Customer Calls

Free of charge for your customers can lead to an increase in calls, thereby generating more leads for your business.

Our network for Universal Toll Free numbers covers in excess of 40 countries worldwide, your business can have presence in over 40 countries with one single Freephone number.

Why Choose WMX Global

Global reach from WMX Global

Global Reach

Whether you need to reach new customers or connect new offices, we’ll get you there.

Our products and services reach over 145 countries and over 7,500 cities around the world. Businesses across the globe benefit from the products and services our network supports.

One supplier one currency and one bill from WMX Global

One global provider, one currency, one bill.

For many of our customers we are a single, dedicated supplier of data, voice and managed services for their entire business. You get to deal with one contact at one business and pay a bill in a currency you understand.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

All WMX customers are allocated a dedicated account manager, responsible for the success of the services we provide to your business. We also provide you with named contacts in service and support so you have direct access to key team members with knowledge of your business and the services and support you require.

Diverse and resilient network from WMX Global

Diverse and Resilient Network

We own and operate a core network which leverages multiple data centres to increase resiliency and reach; we also interconnect with all major tier 1 carriers. Our network operates to the highest industry standards in performance, latency and security.

Technology consolidation experts at WMX Global

Technology Consolidation Experts

We help businesses work smarter by connecting and consolidating their global communications infrastructure. Throughout the process we optimise voice and data performance while minimising the total cost of technology ownership.

Complete suite of products and services from WMX Global

Complete Suite of Products & Services

We are a full global service enterprise provider offering; cloud, connectivity, managed IT, voice and data centre services to businesses around the world. Whatever your requirements, we make these products work together in order to deliver long term value to your business.

Knowledge and experience from WMX Global

Knowledge and Experience

You are in safe hands. As a team, we have decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between.

Award winning support from WMX Global

Award Winning Support

Our award winning technical support team take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. All of our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

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