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19 July, 2017 | SCutler

What Is International Call Forwarding? Call forwarding allows calls to be redirected to another number. Traditional call forwarding allows calls to be forwarded to mobiles, voicemail boxes or…

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14 July, 2017 | ATurton

There are are plenty of benefits to getting an international toll-free number. The “international” part means that your business will appear local, allowing you to enjoy the benefits…

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6 July, 2017 | ATurton

Nobody likes to get caught out by large and unexpected phone bills. In fact, unexpected fees and charges were ranked as the fourth most annoying thing by British…

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29 June, 2017 | SCutler

Thinking of expanding to the UK? Is Brexit – and the uncertainty it brings with it – putting you off? Unfortunately, global events don’t always align with your…

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20 June, 2017 | ATurton

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever. This means that, wherever you’re based, it’s possible to reach out to diverse groups of people in almost any country….

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7 June, 2017 | SCutler

It’s a competitive world. And today’s businesses need to do more than ever to stay ahead. By choosing to get an international number, companies looking to grow their…

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24 May, 2017 | SCutler

Today, it’s possible for almost any company to trade with consumers around the world. SMEs, SMBs, micro-businesses and even sole-traders – thanks to modern tech, these types of…

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19 May, 2017 | SCutler

Smartphones are information treasure troves. Often, the information stored on your mobile phone is enough for someone to be able to defraud or impersonate you. So, it’s important…

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12 May, 2017 | ATurton

Sold as a computer in your pocket, smartphones first hit the consumer market in the late 90s. They offered a host of new features and increased connectivity, and…

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3 May, 2017 | ATurton

SMEs have long found opportunities in the global economy. But, over the last 20 years or so, new forces and economic structures have created wholly new global business…

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24 April, 2017 | ATurton

00800 numbers are formally known as Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFNs). UIFNs were created to enable any consumer in the world to reach an overseas business at no…

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21 April, 2017 | SCutler

As the internet has grown, so has our dependence on it. Nearly half of us expect a site to load within two seconds or less, and most of…

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13 April, 2017 | SCutler

Looking to expand to the UK? Then you may be interested to know that UK brands lose a combined £234 billion every year due to poor customer experience. And…

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7 April, 2017 | SCutler

What Is a Virtual Number Previously, a phone number was tied to a physical location. For example, a call made to your office line could only be picked…

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16 March, 2017 | SCutler

Hard or soft? With Scotland or without? Will Britain get a quick US-UK trade deal or not? With important questions such as these still going unanswered, the UK’s…

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