twitter Data. We hear about it all the time. But do you know what data really is? 🤔 #data #science #computing
9 April, 2018 | ATurton

We all have a favourite. And we all have one we despise. But accents do more than just endear or irritate us. In fact, research shows that having…

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28 March, 2018 | SCutler

Today, the world is a small place. Digital technology has made it possible for even SMEs and sole traders to conduct business with overseas consumers. Indeed, more businesses…

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13 March, 2018 | SCutler

“International virtual phone number”. It’s a bit of a mouthful. But the technology behind international virtual phone numbers is revolutionary. For businesses, international virtual phone numbers make international…

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1 March, 2018 | ATurton

International call forwarding has made it possible for small companies and even sole traders to operate a global telephony system. By allowing businesses to redirect calls made to…

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14 February, 2018 | ATurton

Smartphones are near enough ubiquitous these days. In fact, the number of mobile phone users is expected to exceed five billion by 2019. But what do we really…

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31 January, 2018 | ATurton

Nowadays, mobile phones all look very similar. But, before smartphone designs settled, there were some truly wacky phones knocking around. Some you may remember. Some you may have…

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19 January, 2018 | ATurton

So… you have finally set up your business, and things are going well, you have hit your goals, but now you have even bigger goals. International expansion is…

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12 December, 2017 | SCutler

Modern technology has made it easy to communicate with people all over the world. For entrepreneurs, this is an amazing opportunity. Today, even small businesses can successfully trade…

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28 November, 2017 | ATurton

It’s nearly 2018. And you’ll no doubt be thinking about how your business will change over the coming year. You’ll certainly be thinking about how to grow your…

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16 November, 2017 | SCutler

One of the most important inventions ever, the telephone dramatically changed the world. It fundamentally altered the way we communicate, making it easy to keep in touch with…

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1 November, 2017 | ATurton

From the most snakes held in a person’s mouth to the heaviest car balanced on a head, it’s fair to say that some people are determined to break…

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17 October, 2017 | SCutler

The telephone is an amazing invention – it truly changed the world. But Alexander Graham Bell’s creation ushered in with it a whole litany of social problems. For…

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6 October, 2017 | ATurton

Mobile phones. We all have them. Phones have become so integral to our daily lives that it is almost impossible to imagine a time without them. Figures show…

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28 September, 2017 | ATurton

We all know that it’s forbidden to use a mobile phone that’s not in flight-mode on a plane. And, as every nervous flyer will tell you, at least…

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12 September, 2017 | ATurton

What Is AI? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major buzzword these days. In short AI refers to any digital system that has the ability to learn and which…

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