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30 August, 2018 | ATurton

The smartphone has become the modern-day Swiss Army Knife, functioning not only as a portable telecommunication device, but also as an alarm clock, calculator, camera, music player and…

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21 August, 2018 | ATurton

As humans living in the early era of the internet, we’re pretty lucky. The internet is, relatively speaking, still a young technology. Which means we’ve had the opportunity…

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13 August, 2018 | ATurton

While the security of mobile hardware has always been a priority, nowadays it is also what’s saved on the inside that counts. As technology and needs evolve, so…

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7 August, 2018 | ATurton

Since the first mobile phone was demonstrated in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola, mobile phones have taken over the world. In fact, it…

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31 July, 2018 | ATurton

With demand for London office space growing and driving an increase in rent, business owners are looking for innovative ways to be where they need to be, whilst…

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26 July, 2018 | ATurton

Like us, you’re probably sick to the back teeth of GDPR. However, since those who are not compliant can end up facing some pretty hefty fines, it’s important…

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19 July, 2018 | ATurton

So, you’re looking to expand your business globally, but there’s a problem: you can’t or don’t want to open an overseas office. That’s where International Call Forwarding comes…

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10 July, 2018 | ATurton

For businesses, every call is a potential sale. But, unless you have 24/7 call centres, it’s impossible to take every call. Some callers will always attempt to get…

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4 July, 2018 | ATurton

Business leaders are faced with dozens of difficult decisions every day, from what kind of coffee to pick up on the way in to the office to who…

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27 June, 2018 | ATurton

We live on a sphere spinning through infinite space. The surface of that sphere is home to 7.2 trillion people. For businesses, that’s 7.2 trillion prospective clients. But…

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15 June, 2018 | ATurton

For many businesses, the ability to reach customers in new countries can be hugely beneficial. New communications technologies have made this easier than ever. In particular, the rise…

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29 May, 2018 | ATurton

Conducting international business is now easier than ever! In fact, 11 percent of UK SMEs are now engaged in international trade. With 5.7 million SMEs operating in the UK, that’s 627,000 businesses trading internationally.  …

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14 May, 2018 | ATurton

It’s the question on the lips of all inbound call centre managers. The ring strategy chosen will affect how calls are distributed to agents, and has important implications…

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1 May, 2018 | ATurton

Toll free numbers are great. By allowing consumers to call for free, businesses can dramatically increase the number of incoming calls they receive and increase their brand reputation….

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17 April, 2018 | ATurton

What Are SIP Trunks? Sip trunks are the VoIP alternative to ISDN and analog connections. Previously, SIP technology was used to connect companies to the Public Switched Telephone…

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