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United Kingdom Telephone Numbers

WMX Global is a leading and innovative communications and technology provider, having developed relationships with multiple carriers across the globe, WMX has built a vast network for international inbound telephone numbers. The global network for in country local, toll free and universal toll free numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities.

With considerable experience in the international telecommunications market, WMX is well positioned to advise and offer recommendations regarding your global numbering strategy. In addition, we can assist your business with reducing costs whilst increasing efficiency and delivering a valued proposition.

UK Local City Phone Numbers

WMX Global can also provide your business with a local United Kingdom phone number as we have over 5,000 local numbers available across the UK that can give you an instant presence in many of the cities and towns across the country including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Glasgow and many more.

Our in-country UK virtual numbers will give the perception that you have a local presence in that particular town or city, even if you do not. Calls can be answered in either the country of origin or switched to any alternative destination seamlessly using our online call management platform. These numbers are ideal for multilingual/global call centres as well as businesses that want to operate in numerous countries but can’t afford the overhead of setting up multiple/international offices.

Popular Cities Area Code
London 020
Manchester 0161
Edinburgh 0131
Leeds 0113
Glasgow 0141
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UK Toll Free Phone Numbers

Also commonly known as international Freephone, this telephone number type offers one of the most effective ways to entice customers to contact your business via a free to call option.

WMX Global can supply a virtual UK toll free number to give the perception that you have a presence in the UK even if you do not.

We have toll free number availability in well over 100 countries and calls can be answered in the UK or switched to any alternative destination seamlessly using our online call management platform.

UK Mobile Numbers

In addition to United Kingdom local and toll free numbers, WMX Global also offer UK mobile numbers for businesses. A UK mobile number can provide your business with an instant national presence across the UK.

Unlike a toll tree number, a UK mobile number can be dialled worldwide, meaning your customers are able to reach you wherever they are located globally.

Without any regulatory requirements for mobile numbers, obtaining a United Kingdom mobile number from WMX Global is a quick and easy process.

With a UK mobile number, your business can benefit from receiving more calls without any restrictions.

UK mobile phone numbers from wmx global

Why Choose WMX Global for UK Phone Numbers?

Boost your productivity and grow your business whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Fully supported network with wmx global

Fully Supported Network

Having multiple relationships with Tier 1 carriers across the globe means WMX Global is in a position to leverage from powerful partners, meaning international calls are routed over a secure and fully redundant network.

scalability with SIP trunking from wmx global


Should your business need to quickly scale up or down with the number of lines to your business, WMX Global is able to do this quickly and easily, ensuring your business has minimum downtime.

Get SIP trunks for reduction in costs

Reduce Costs

With WMX Global, your business can benefit from low cost calls to over 145 countries as long distance calls are charged at a much improved rate whilst also saving on costly ISDN lines.

one partner one solution for sip trunking from wmx global

One Partner, One Solution

Your business does not need to go through multiple vendors to resolve an issue. WMX Global manages your entire international UK number solution and the connection to our highly secure network.

Buy universal toll free numbers

Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFN)

WMX can provide your business with a universal toll free number (UIFN), a single Freephone number that can be used across multiple countries. This Freephone number can be called globally and will forward to your business wherever that may be located.

You are allocated a unique number that is the same in the 40 countries that support UIFN activation, this number is +800 followed by 8 digits. A UIFN number can be called free from a landline phone, and some mobile networks, within the countries you activate.

WMX have highly experienced experts who can provide you with the best UIFN solution to meet your business needs, and discuss what numbering type is the best for your requirements.

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Other Global Solutions

Buy sip trunking from wmx global
International SIP

Enhance your existing ISDN infrastructure or fully migrate away from costly, fixed architecture to virtual, scalable services.

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Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud Hosted PBX systems with enhanced, on demand features with hardware, software, infrastructure and support.

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Buy multilingual IVR
Multilingual IVR

Fully scalable so your business can handle an unlimited number of calls in multiple languages for your global customers.

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Buy virtual United Kingdom toll free and local city phone numbers.

Answer calls anywhere worldwide.


International Network Call Reporting

WMX can provide an Online Call Management Reporting Package which allows you to analyse your calls daily, weekly or monthly. As a result you can determine how effectively your business is performing and make relevant changes to utilise your resources efficiently.


Voicemail to Email

Callers ring into a dedicated number and leave the relevant details. The message is converted into a WAV file and sent to a designated email address. The message can be played back and then deleted when required.


Network Data Capture

Callers ring into a dedicated number and leave the relevant details. They can be prompted to leave specific information based on the (customer) requirements, e.g. name, age, phone number, etc. Your staff could then dial in to listen to the messages when convenient by using a simple pin code and account number access.


Bespoke DR Plan for IVR

WMX provide a tailored IVR service based on a bespoke routing call flow that is individual to your requirements and is a combination of placing different call modules into the IVR call flow. For any tailored IVR service, WMX experts would draw up a specific design with you based on your requirements and provide your business with a call routing call flow to meet those requirements.


International Testing- Option 1

Automated in country testing available (this is a call from a landline– testing from mobiles is not available via this version). A single call is placed to the number and the call is recorded. Copy of the recoding can be sent to the end user.


International Testing – Option 2

A live call from within the country; this delivers a real call from a human and is dialled from a landline and mobile in country. This service is available in most countries. Time to deliver the test call is between 48 hours and 3 days. A full report is issued to the customer regarding the call and quality of the call. Can be arranged at a specific time each month or as a one off.

Buy virtual United Kingdom toll free and local city phone numbers.

Answer calls anywhere worldwide.


Global reach from WMX Global


Whether you need to reach new customers or connect new offices, we’ll get you there. Our products and services reach over 145 countries and over 7,500 cities around the world. Businesses across the globe benefit from the products and services our network supports.

One supplier one currency and one bill from WMX Global


For many of our customers we are a single, dedicated supplier of data, voice and managed services for their entire business. You get to deal with one contact at one business and pay a bill in a currency you understand.

Dedicated Account Management


All WMX customers are allocated a dedicated account manager, responsible for the success of the services we provide to your business. We also provide you with named contacts in service and support so you have direct access to key team members with knowledge of your business and the services and support you require.

Diverse and resilient network from WMX Global


We own and operate a core network which leverages multiple data centres to increase resiliency and reach; we interconnect with all major tier 1 carriers. Our network operates to the highest industry standards in performance, latency and security.

Technology consolidation experts at WMX Global


We help businesses work smarter by connecting and consolidating their global communications infrastructure. Throughout the process we optimise voice and data performance while minimising the total cost of technology ownership.

Complete suite of products and services from WMX Global


We are a full global service enterprise provider offering; cloud, connectivity, managed IT, voice and data centre services to businesses around the world. Whatever your requirements, we make these products work together in order to deliver long term value to your business.

Knowledge and experience from WMX Global


You are in safe hands. As a team, we have decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between.

Award winning support from WMX Global


Our award winning technical support team take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. All of our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

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