Varonis DatAlert

Real-time alerts for file servers, NAS, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory.

Keep on top of access, changes and permissions

Varonis DatAlert from our Data Governance Suite allows you to be alerted when something needs attention, such as if critical files are accessed and deleted or when permission changes are made outside usual hours. The user simply defines what you want to be alerted about, specify how you’d like to be alerted and enable the alert. An employee or worse, an attacker, gains access to something they shouldn’t? You’ll be the first to know about any abnormal behaviour, putting you back in control of all your data sets.

Expectational service from WMX Global

Avoid a major breach

A company’s data is something that should be closely guarded, monitored and managed, but when this doesn’t happen, you open yourself up to big risks. Did you know that 70% of companies find out about a breach through customers or third parties? DatAlert can significantly improve your business’ ability to detect potential security breaches, and misconfigurations. We can provide you with real-time alerts based on activity (file and email), activity directory changes and permission changes and that’s just for starters.

Real time Alerts

An easily configurable alert criteria means the correct employees and systems can be notified about appropriate information, swiftly and securely. Surprisingly only 6% of companies have automated breach detection, therefore your business can stay ahead of the competition with DatAlert, ensuring you are the first to know about any suspicious activity and as a result prevent embarrassing and costly data breaches whilst uncovering security flaws in terms of who can see sensitive data within your company.

Get highly secure global connectivity

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Real-time alerts for file servers, NAS, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory.


Sustainably reduce risk

Identify where your most sensitive data resides, see who has access to it, who is accessing it , and safely lock it down.


Eliminate operational overhead

Run permissions reports, find lost files, assign data owners and conduct security investigations more efficiently than ever.


Increase productivity

IT staff spend less time on manual data management and protection tasks and can focus on critical projects.


Adhere to policies

Automatically detect and correct changes that don’t meet your organization’s change management policies.


Prevent data breaches

Receive alerts on anomalous behaviours, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to critical files and folders.

Why WMX Global?

Dedicated Account Management

Our Dedicated Account Managers will make your experience with WMX Global seamless and successful; guiding you through the various solutions we can offer your business. Taking on a consultative approach, we’ll advise you on the best path for you, always providing you with a quality route over a quick fix.

Award Winning Customer Support

Service is everything to us, from your first conversation with our team to technical support and anything else you may need, we set the bar extremely high when it comes to your experience with us and this is evidenced with our Awards for Excellence Customer Service Award in 2014.

Diverse and Resilient Global Network

We own and operate a core network which leverages multiple data centres to increase resiliency and reach; we interconnect with all major tier 1 carriers via our multiple data centre locations. As a leading communications and data provider, we never underestimate the importance of our resilient global network.

Complete Suite of Solutions

Whether your business needs one solution or a range of services that can work together, it is our mission to provide you with the tools needed in order to create more opportunities within your business.

Technology Consolidation Experts

Our solutions work together so your business can work smart. This is our USP if you like because we specialise in providing communications that consolidate into one platform. One global provider, one currency, one bill.

Knowledge and Experience

As a team, we have decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between. This has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with our global partners and longstanding clients, leaving us to do what we do best – improve your business via fresh technology.

Real-time alerts for file servers, NAS, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory.

Why Choose WMX Global?

Global reach from WMX Global


Whether you need to reach new customers or connect new offices, we’ll get you there. Our products and services reach over 145 countries and over 7,500 cities around the world. Businesses across the globe benefit from the products and services our network supports.

One supplier one currency and one bill from WMX Global


For many of our customers we are a single, dedicated supplier of data, voice and managed services for their entire business. You get to deal with one contact at one business and pay a bill in a currency you understand.

Dedicated Account Management


All WMX customers are allocated a dedicated account manager, responsible for the success of the services we provide to your business. We also provide you with named contacts in service and support so you have direct access to key team members with knowledge of your business and the services and support you require.

Diverse and resilient network from WMX Global


We own and operate a core network which leverages multiple data centres to increase resiliency and reach; we interconnect with all major tier 1 carriers. Our network operates to the highest industry standards in performance, latency and security.

Complete suite of products and services from WMX Global


We are a full global service enterprise provider offering; cloud, connectivity, managed IT, voice and data centre services to businesses around the world. Whatever your requirements, we make these products work together in order to deliver long term value to your business.

Knowledge and experience from WMX Global


You are in safe hands. As a team, we have decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between.

Technology consolidation experts at WMX Global


We help businesses work smarter by connecting and consolidating their global communications infrastructure. Throughout the process we optimise voice and data performance while minimising the total cost of technology ownership.

Award winning support from WMX Global


Our award winning technical support team take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. All of our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

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