Back Up and Recovery Solutions

Deploy a rapid and reliable back up and recovery service and a purely bespoke business and continuity plan.

Fully Automated and Managed

WMX Global provide fully automated and fully managed back-up and recovery services to businesses worldwide.

Back up in one of our data centres with round the clock access to your information, with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan created around your business needs.

Data Transport Engine with Varonis from WMX Global

HBRS with Expert Support

HBRS from WMX gives your business a current virtual copy of any server, always on and ready to run when you need it. Our HRBS solution runs automatic tests daily. The most important part of our backup and recovery solution is that backup will take hours not days.

Our highly experienced IT team can perform any patch, software upgrade, P-to-V conversion and other tests on a virtual copy of the production server on the ‘Test Network’ within the Backup and Recovery appliance thereby reducing time and complexity of setting up separate test/dev environments.

Cloud Backup

Quickly restore important files on cloud servers in the event of data loss. WMX Global combines next gen cloud technology with our easy web control portal. Meaning back up restoration is simple, ensuring you don’t spend excessive, unnecessary time on backups however crucial they are.

You can recover your most critical applications and data in the cloud after any storage, systems or site failure, not just in the event of a natural disaster with a solution that recovers your data in hours not days.


Personal service with IP Transit from WMX Global

Other Global Solutions

Buy a managed security service
Managed Security

Unrivalled managed security and support; WMX Global can safeguard your business assets 24/7.

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Buy offshore hosting
Offshore Hosting

WMX Global has a state-of-the-art, offshore data centre which is ideal for even the most demanding of hosting applications.

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Global Contact centre

A solution that amalgamates advanced cloud contact centre features with the resilience and scalability of having the support of a powerful core network, providing your business with an unbeatable operational strategy.

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Deploy a rapid and reliable back up and recovery service and a purely bespoke business and continuity plan.


Fast Recovery

Avoid expensive downtime and data loss by protecting your entire system and benefitting from ultra-fast recovery.



All data is encrypted using an encryption key which is specified and only known to the user. The encryption key is used to encrypt all of the backup data before it is sent to our servers.


Continuous Data Protection

Real time, continuous data protection for servers, desktops and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without user intervention.


Incremental Backup

Detect the smallest change in a file and only backup the changed portion of the file.



All backup data is held encrypted on state-of-the-art NAS devices in RAID5 configurations. Data is also mirrored on gigabit links between our data centres to ensure availability. This multi-site approach means your data will always be readily available and secure.



Many businesses are required to have a backup strategy that may form part of a larger business continuity plan. WMX Global’s online backup service can form part of any business continuity plan, allowing you to comply and at a far lower cost than competing solutions.


Firewall Friendly

The client uses the industry standard SSLTLS protocol (TCP port 443) meaning it works well in business environments that feature a firewall policy. A single outbound rule is necessary allowing the client access to our backup servers.


Low administrative burden

Very low administrative overheads, with scheduled backups and automated reporting; designed to be configured and left to run in the background.


Complement your existing backup strategy

Our first class backup solution can be used in isolation or it can be used to compliment an existing backup solution. If your business already has an established backup policy, using tape drives or NAS devices, our online backup solution can be used to compliment this system.


Transparent pricing

We offer a tiered, standard pricing model allowing you to back up any amount of data up to 2TB.



Protecting data is our business so you can guarantee we are always up to date with new technologies, our systems are constantly upgraded with no additional cost or risk to your business.


Data Centre Security

Expert operational security from our cluster of highly reliable data centres, as certified by ISO 27001 Information security management.

Deploy a rapid and reliable back up and recovery service and a purely bespoke business and continuity plan.

Why Choose WMX Global

Global reach from WMX Global


Whether you need to reach new customers or connect new offices, we’ll get you there. Our products and services reach over 145 countries and over 7,500 cities around the world. Businesses across the globe benefit from the products and services our network supports.

One supplier one currency and one bill from WMX Global


For many of our customers we are a single, dedicated supplier of data, voice and managed services for their entire business. You get to deal with one contact at one business and pay a bill in a currency you understand.

Dedicated Account Management


All WMX customers are allocated a dedicated account manager, responsible for the success of the services we provide to your business. We also provide you with named contacts in service and support so you have direct access to key team members with knowledge of your business and the services and support you require.

Diverse and resilient network from WMX Global


We own and operate a core network which leverages multiple data centres to increase resiliency and reach; we interconnect with all major tier 1 carriers. Our network operates to the highest industry standards in performance, latency and security.

Technology consolidation experts at WMX Global


We help businesses work smarter by connecting and consolidating their global communications infrastructure. Throughout the process we optimise voice and data performance while minimising the total cost of technology ownership.

Complete suite of products and services from WMX Global


We are a full global service enterprise provider offering; cloud, connectivity, managed IT, voice and data centre services to businesses around the world. Whatever your requirements, we make these products work together in order to deliver long term value to your business.

Knowledge and experience from WMX Global


You are in safe hands. As a team, we have decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between.

Award winning support from WMX Global


Our award winning technical support team take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. All of our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

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