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Smartphone Myths Debunked

5 More Smartphone Myths That Are Completely False

ATurton / 22 January, 2019

Recently, we debunked five popular myths about smartphones. But there are many more strange beliefs floating around about the magical little devices in our pockets. As such, we felt it necessary to take a critical look at five more smartphone myths that are, at the end of the day, nonsense.


1. 4G Uses More Data Than 3G

A prevalent belief is that a 4G connection uses more data than a 3G one. Intuitively, this makes sense – 4G is faster, and surely faster connections use more data, right? Wrong. “Data” in this context refers to the amount of information flowing between the internet and your mobile device. So, if you download a 3MB image, it may take less time using a 4G connection, but it will still only use 3MB of data. Think about it like a postman. A postman riding a bike may take longer to deliver a parcel than a postman driving a car. But, when delivered, the parcel is the same – as, in this case, is the amount you paid for delivery.


2. Smartphones Emit Harmful Radiation

This one has a long history. Ever since the inception of mobile phones, people have been worried that the radiation they emit is harmful – potentially causing cancer and other nasty diseases. But a little understanding goes a long way. In this case, what we need to understand is exactly what mobile phones emit. The answer is electromagnetic waves: the same stuff that makes radios buzz and microwaves hum. Electromagnetic radiation of the frequency that mobile phones emit is completely safe. In fact, over 25,000 articles have been written on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on humans – that’s more research than we’ve done on most chemicals.


3. It’s Damaging To Keep A Phone Next To A Credit Card

Never put a phone in the same pocket as your credit card, that’s what they say. Well, we say they’re wrong. Here’s why. The suggestion is that credit cards (as well as debit cards, access cards, loyalty cards, etc.) that come into close contact with a smartphone are in danger of having their magnetic strips demagnetised. The problem is, although smartphone do have a magnetic field, it is nowhere near strong enough to affect your credit card in this way. A fridge magnet could plausibly do the job. As could a magnetic clasp on a wallet or handbag. But not a smartphone.


4. Never Use Your Smartphone While It’s Charging

It’s difficult for many of us to put our smartphones down. They are, after all, critical to our social lives, our entertainment, often our health and even our shopping habits. The myth that you shouldn’t use your smartphone when it’s charging, then, is one that many people would like to see debunked. Thankfully, it’s absolutely debunkable. You see, while some electronic devices are unsafe to use while charging (which is probably how this myth got started), smartphones are not one of them. Granted, if you use your phone while it’s charging, it will take longer to charge up. But it won’t harm either you or your phone. Wahey – more screen time!


5. Use A Hairdryer To Dry A Wet Phone

Water is your phone’s worst nightmare. But, try as we might, it’s not always possible to keep our phones dry – just ask one of the 19 percent of us who has dropped a phone down the toilet. This means that several rumours have sprung up around what the best course of action to take to resurrect a soggy phone is. Vacuuming it, putting it in rice (that one’s false too, by the way), shaking it and even taking a hairdryer to it. Unfortunately, this last technique can be particularly damaging. Yes, a hairdryer may dry out your phone a bit. But it’s also likely to cause it to overheat  – trust us, that’s not good. Shaking, however, does offer some remedial properties. But you’re probably best just putting it on a shelf and crossing your fingers.


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