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How To Speed Up Your iPhone

5 Essential Hacks To Speed Up Your Smartphone (Android and iPhone)

ATurton / 14 January, 2019

Most of us are totally reliant on our smartphones. We use them for all sorts of things – work, entertainment, communication, shopping, social media and more. So, when your phone starts to slow down, it can turn into a real nightmare.

What you may not know is that there are several tried-and-tested hacks you can use to speed up your phone.

In this article we list some of our favourite hacks that are sure to bring your phone back to life.



  • Update Your Phone (Also Applies to iPhone)

This is a simple one. But it’s very important that you make sure your device is up-to-date. When a new version of Android comes out, there’s no point delaying your update. Your phone shouldn’t be running the same software it was a year ago. That software was designed to work with last year’s apps. And, like everything in the digital world, your apps are changing all the time. As such, it’s important you keep your operating system updated so that it can properly deal with today’s software.

  • Tidy Up Your Home Screen

Is your home screen covered in an assortment of widgets? Unfortunately, we tend to accrue new widgets all the time – and this slows down our phones. Ask yourself, do you really need the news, weather and all your social feeds on your home screen? Figure out which widgets are essential to keep and get rid of the rest. This will speed up the time it takes to transition between screens.

  • Enable GPU Rendering

Making use of your phone’s Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is a fantastic way to speed up your phone. Forcing GPU rendering makes your phone use its GPU instead of software to render certain 2D elements. This frees up your CPU and means faster UI rendering and smoother animations.

To enable GPU rendering, got to Settings > Developer Options > About Phone > Build Number. When yous see Build Number, tap it seven times until a message saying “You are now a developer” appears. Then go Settings > Developer Options > Hardware Accelerated Rendering > Force GPU Rendering. It’s worth noting that GPU Rendering will put more strain on your battery – possibly reducing it by five -15 percent

  • Use Data Saver

If your browser is running slowly, try using the Data Saver option in Chrome. This option compresses pages which in turn allows for lower data usage and faster page loading. The downside is that images will be slightly poorer quality, but many people find this to be a worthwhile compromise. Another alternative is to try other browsers which clam to be faster. Data Saver mode is located near the bottom of Chrome’s settings.

  • Clear Cached Data

Cached data is information stored on your phone to help apps launch quickly. For example, your browser may download images from a website you often visit so that it doesn’t have to download the image independently every time.

Although this sounds like a way of speeding your phone up, your data cache can quickly become bloated – just think about all the websites you used to visit frequently but which you no longer use. By clearing the cache, you will free up this space and speed up your device. To clear the cache, got to Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage > Clean Now.



  • Close Non-Essential Apps

Once opened, many apps continue functioning at a basic level in the background. If you have lots of apps on your device, all this background activity can take a toll on your device’s ability to process information – ultimately slowing it down. To close your non-essential apps, double click the Home button to activate the app switcher. Simply swipe upwards on all the apps you want to close.

  • Clear RAM and Restart

This neat little trick can provide a huge speed boost for particularly slow phones. All you need to do is hold the Sleep/Wake button while simultaneously holding your volume down button (on iPhone 6 and other older devices, hold the Home button instead of volume down). After holding these buttons for a while, your screen will go black before coming back to life. The process is not the same as a normal restart, since it also frees up RAM on your phone which should help speed up your device.

  • Clear Cookies and Data In Safari

It’s not a bad idea to clear data and cookies every now and again. Doing this may cause websites to forget certain preferences and will stop Safari suggesting URLs when typing (unless they’re bookmarked). To clear cookies and data in Safari got to Settings > Safari > History > Website Data and click Clear History and Website Data.

  • Turn Off Background App Refresh and Automatic Downloads

Both of these features run in the background unless you tell them not to. By turning them off, you will reduce the amount of processing your phone has to do minute-by-minute and so speed up your device. To turn them off, go to Settings > General and toggle Background App Refresh off. Then go to Settings > iTunes and App Store> Automatic Downloads and toggle off Apps and Updates.

  • Reduce Motion

The animations which iPhone uses to transition between apps are no doubt cool. However, these animations can also cause your phone to slow down. If you can live with an animation-less phone, turning them off can give your phone a real speed boost. To do so, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Here you will find an option called Reduce Motion. Once you toggle that on, your animations will stop, and your phone will speed up.

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