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5 Reasons International SIP Trunking Helps Businesses Grow

5 Reasons International SIP Trunking Helps Businesses Grow

ATurton / 26 October, 2018

As VoIP becomes a primary telecommunications technology, businesses all over the world are benefiting from lower telephony costs. But the benefits of international SIP don’t stop at cost savings. In this article, we list eight ways in which international SIP trunking helps businesses grow.


1) Unified Networks

Instead of maintaining two information networks (one for voice and one for all other data), international SIP trunking allows businesses to consolidate their networks into one. By choosing just one IP-based network, businesses which opt for a SIP telephony solution eliminate their PSTN telephony requirements and rationalise their business communication processes.


2) Reduced Hardware Requirements

Traditional phone systems require a lot of hardware. For businesses looking to grow, increased hardware requirements can be a real hurdle. However, businesses that choose an international SIP telephony solution simply need to increase their bandwidth to improve capacity. This makes scaling up easy and instant, eliminates hardware costs and reduces maintenance costs.


3) BRI and PRI Elimination

Businesses that choose international SIP trunking no longer use the IP-PSTN gateway, meaning they are no longer required to pay Basic Rate Interface (BRI) or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) subscriptions. Though costs vary between providers, this can lead to significant monthly savings.


4) Greatly Reduced International Call Costs

As businesses grow, many find themselves having to make more international calls. Because International SIP trunking places calls over the internet, all calls effectively become local calls and businesses can reduce the costs of international calls by up to 90 percent – with the cost of local calls typically dropping by around 40 percent.


5) Local Presence

International SIP trunking makes it possible for businesses to choose the numbering format that suits them best. This includes local numbers for almost any country or city. By using an international virtual telephone number, your callers won’t know that you may be located in another country when they call – allowing you to enjoy many of the benefits that local businesses experience.

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