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Use Call Forwarding To Expand Internationally

How to Use Call Forwarding to Expand Internationally

ATurton / 27 September, 2018

Modern communications have made the world a much smaller place. This is great for business, and today even freelancers, microbusinesses and SMEs can take part in international trade. Using global call forwarding, businesses of all sizes can expand overseas quickly and easily. Here’s how.

Global call forwarding is a simple, effective expansion strategy. To illustrate how it works, we’ll focus on an example of UK call forwarding. Imagine you operate a UK-based business. Business is strong at home, and you want to expand internationally. You have researched the international market and have identified Spain as a promising target for expansion.

Setting up overseas offices is expensive, and your company is not able to afford the overheads. However, since the market is so promising, you still believe that beginning trading with Spanish consumers would be well worth your while.

As such, you get a virtual phone number. That’s just a phone number that’s routed via the internet rather than using existing telephony networks. But virtual numbers can do things that traditional numbers can’t. For example, you can provide your new Spanish customers, affiliates, business partners and vendors with a local Spanish number – for any Spanish city of your choosing.

When callers dial this number, it will be forwarded to a fixed line in your UK office. From the caller’s point of view, their call will be no different from any other local call, and they will not be charged any more than usual for making their call. As such, there is no reason for your Spanish customers and associates to think that you do not have a physical presence in their country.

Since many consumers are much more comfortable calling local numbers rather than international ones (which are often associated with high call charges and faceless multinational companies), your business will benefit from increased calls and higher consumer confidence – some of the most difficult things for companies entering new markets to acquire.

There are three types of international number available. The type of virtual number that will best suit your business will depend on your specific needs.


In-Country Local Number

In-country local numbers look exactly like regular telephone numbers in a country of your choosing. From the callers’ point of view, your number will look and behave in exactly the same way as any other local number.

In-country local numbers provide competitive advantage by:

  • Eliminating the need to relocate
  • Tapping into the increased consumer confidence enjoyed by local companies
  • Allowing you to list your business in local directories


International Toll Free Numbers (ITFN)

ITFNs adopt a country’s numbering format, just like in-country local numbers. However, when you choose an IFTN, your number will look and behave just like a local toll-free number.

ITFNs confer all the benefits of in-country local numbers, plus a couple of additional ones:

  • Further increasing the number of incoming calls (since callers know they won’t be charged)
  • Improving consumer trust by using a number type associated with large companies, NGOs and governments.


Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

A UIFN is free for all callers to call no matter where they are located. Many consumers recognise the UIFN prefix – 00800 – making UIFNs popular with international corporations and organisations such as the EU.

UIFNs confer competitive advantage by:

  • Eliminating the need to relocate
  • Allowing you to use one number for international marketing purposes
  • Increasing consumer confidence by using a recognised and renowned numbering format
  • Making it easier to expand into multiple countries simultaneously
  • Simplifying number management


Are you looking to use international call forwarding? WMX Global is a trusted global communications company. We supply international virtual numbers to companies all over the world. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


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