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How To Get An International Phone Number

How To Get An International Number

ATurton / 12 September, 2018

Today, many business are getting international telephone numbers.

This is because international numbers allow businesses to begin trading overseas without leaving the country – meaning they are an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to internationalise.

So, what are international numbers? And how do you get one?


What are International Numbers?

International numbers use the internet to give companies a presence overseas. They do this by mimicking the number format of various international number types and connecting calls online. There are three primary types of international number. Your expansion strategy and the nature of your business will determine which will work best for you.

In-Country Local Numbers

In-country local numbers look exactly like the local numbers of the country or city you’re targeting. Calls are charged at the same rate as a local number, which means consumers won’t know that you may be picking their call up in another country.

International Toll Free Numbers (ITFN)

ITFNs adopt the format of your target country’s toll-free numbers. This means your number will look and behave just like a local toll-free number. As such, consumers won’t be charged. This means this number type often increases the number of incoming calls and improves a brand’s perception.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

UIFNs are also free to call. Unlike ITFNs, UIFNs are not country-specific, which makes them great for businesses looking to establish themselves in multiple countries simultaneously. UIFNs use their own numbering format. Starting with the prefix 00800, UIFNs resemble toll free numbers in many countries and are used by large organisations such as the EU.


The Benefits of International Numbers

There are many benefits to getting an international number. When you get an international number, your solution will use a technology called SIP trunking. SIP trunks connect calls via the internet. This means, as well as enabling you to begin trading overseas without setting up offices in new countries, international numbers:

  • Save you money – Calls made via SIP are cheaper than those made over the PSTN. In fact, businesses using SIP save up to 90 percent on international calls and up to 40 percent on local calls. That works out at around £845 per month for a business with 30 phones.
  • Make your business more flexible – SIP trunks make it easy to add and subtract lines whenever you need. This means that, if your business grows quickly or needs to scale up/down to accommodate seasonal sales influxes, you can modify your solution readily.
  • Allow you to re-route calls at the click of a button – With SIP, you can re-route calls to different devices when you need. This means salespeople can take calls on the move, enables homeworking and, in the case of a disaster, allows your office to continue operating even if it is not physically accessible.


How To Get An International Number

Today, getting an international number is easy. Installation times are incredibly quick since SIP trunking will usually be compatible with your existing PBX. This means that you can start using your international number in next-to-no-time.

When you chose WMX Global as your international number supplier, you get:

  • The ability to acquire and use international numbers for more than 145 countries and over 7,500 cities.
  • Dedicated account management. Our award-winning support team will ensure you’re properly supported – from installation to on-going maintenance.
  • Use of our diverse and resilient network. We own and operate our own core network, which leverages multiple datacentres to increase resiliency and reach.

Do you want to find out more about international virtual phone numbers? WMX Global is a trusted global communications company. We supply international virtual numbers to companies all over the world. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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