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5 Huge Benefits of International Virtual Numbers

ATurton / 7 September, 2018

Is your organisation considering getting an international telephone number?

Well, you wouldn’t be alone. International telephone numbers confer numerous business benefits which, today, more businesses than ever are taking advantage of.

So what are the benefits of international numbers?


1) Rapid International Expansion

In today’s world, it’s possible for even small businesses to create an international customer base. Business can use all sorts of digital platforms  and technologies to reach overseas customers. And one of the most effective is an international virtual number.

Using an international  number, companies can appear local in the countries they want to expand into. By using a number type that mimics a geographic number in the target country, consumers will not know that a business is in fact based overseas. Furthermore, since, in terms of costs, the number functions in the exact same way as a local number in the target country, neither the consumer or the business will be charged any more than a local organisation would.

This means that businesses can begin trading internationally without setting up overseas offices, allowing them to target multiple countries and conduct rapid expansion.


2) Access To Multiple Number Types

There are three types on international virtual number. These enable businesses to enact various expansion strategies. Your specific expansion goals and the nature of your business will determine which number type will serve your needs most effectively.

In-Country Local Numbers

In-country local numbers look identical to the local numbers of the country or city you’re targeting. Since calls are charged at the same rate as a local number, consumers won’t know that you may be picking their call up in another country.

International Toll Free Numbers (ITFN)

ITFNs adopt your target country’s toll free numbering format. This means your number will look and behave just like a local toll-free number. Since consumers won’t be charged, this number type increases the number of incoming calls and improves brand perception.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

UIFNs are also free to call. Unlike ITFNs, UIFNs are not country-specific – making them great for businesses seeking to establish themselves in multiple countries simultaneously. UIFNs have their own numbering format, using the prefix 00800 – which resembles a toll free number in many countries.


3) Reduced Costs

As well as eliminating the costs associated with setting up overseas offices, international numbers also save money in another important way.

International virtual numbers use the internet to connect calls. This means companies using them bypass the traditional telephone network, saving them substantial amounts of money. The technology that supports this type of internet call is called SIP. Using SIP trunks, businesses can slash costs on international calls by up to 90 percent. SIP trunking also saves businesses around 40 percent on local calls, too.

Because your SIP solution is virtualised, you will also save money on acquiring and maintaining physical the physical hardware required by a traditional PBX.


4) Centralised Resources

When you open up an overseas office, you effectively split your team. Having to manage geographically-dispersed teams brings its own challenges – especially if those teams are based in different time zones.

With an international virtual number, all of your staff can work from one location. This eliminates the need to divide your team, centralises resources and makes it easier to remain efficient. With  your entire team working from one location, you will be able to spot any issues arising from your expansion process quickly – meaning you are better placed to keep everything on-track and achieve a successful expansion.


5) Scalability and Control

SIP lines are incredibly easy to operate, maintain and upgrade. They can be set up in next-to-no-time and can be controlled from one central location. This means that, in the event that your business experiences a disaster and staff cannot make it into work, you can reroute calls to a different location instantly – ensuring your business remains maximally efficient.

It is also incredibly easy to scale your solution up and down. Expanding overseas always contains an element of risk, and the biggest is uncertainty surrounding how many resources to commit to your expansion. With an international virtual number, you can add and remove lines instantly, which means your solution will always match  the needs of your business – no matter how quickly it grows.


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