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10 Insane Mobile Phone Facts

ATurton / 7 August, 2018

Since the first mobile phone was demonstrated in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola, mobile phones have taken over the world. In fact, it is predicted that there will be 4.78 billion mobile phone users by 2020.


And today’s phones are not just used for making calls or sending texts. The phones most of us use now are more like mini-computers that allow us to do everything from ordering food and getting real-time travel information, to playing games with people across the world and updating our social media statuses.

Now that the technology is fairly mature, many of us take these magical little devices for granted. But here are a few facts you may not know about mobile phones.


1) Your Mobile Phone Has More Computing Power Than The Computers Used For The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

In fact, your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing power in 1969 – the year mankind first stepped foot on the Moon! While most of us use our phones for much more trivial matters than space exploration, it’s mind-blowing to consider how much computing power we have at our fingertips.


2) Mobile Phones Have 18 Times More Harmful Bacteria Than A Toilet Handle

Gross but true. An analysis of mobile phones found that the average handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful bacteria than a toilet handle in a men’s bathroom. The most unhygienic phone in the study had 170 times the acceptable level of faecal coliforms – which are associated with human waste. It may be time to give your phone a good wipe.


3) In Japan 90 Percent Of Mobile Phones Are Waterproof

Japan has a reputation for being at the forefront of technological advancement. In fact, In Japan, women are so attached to their phones that they like to take them into the shower. This has led to waterproof phones becoming a standard expectation in the country. As such, over 90 percent of the country’s phones are waterproof.

How Many Phones Dropped In Toilet


4) 100,000 Mobile Phones Are Dropped Down The Toilet In Britain Every Year

If the Japanese like taking their phones in the shower, the Brits are fans of using them on the toilet. According to insurance claim data, more than 100,000 phones are lost down the loo annually in the UK. While the phones may be getting smarter, we’re not so sure about the users.


5) The Technology Behind Smartphones Relies On Up To 250,000 Different Patents

Smartphones are complicated things. Inside every smartphone, it has been calculated that there are, on average, 250,000 active patents. That means that a lot of people are making a lot of money in the smartphone industry. Check out this infographic to see just how many components go into a smartphone.


6) The Average Person Touches Their Phone 2,617 Times A Day

A typical smartphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times a day. Taking into account eight hours for sleeping, that’s 163 times an hour! Just imagine touching anything else that much. It would be weird. Which means we’re totally obsessed with our phones. No wonder they’re so filthy.


7) Mobile Phone Throwing Is A Sport (And It Started In Finland) 

Not everyone loves phones, however. In Finland (and now in many other countries, too), mobile phone throwing is a real sport. There are four categories (original, freestyle, team original and junior), with competitors trying their best to hurl their phone the farthest. Honestly, that sounds like a lot of fun – especially when YouTube’s not loading. You can check out the national records on the sport’s Wikipedia page.



8) In 2015, More People Died Taking Selfies Than In Shark Attacks

Sharks get a bad rep. With blockbusters like Jaws and, more recently, Sharknado painting sharks as little more than ferocious man-eating killers, you may be surprised to learn that, in 2015, selfies killed more people than sharks. In Russia things got so bad that the government released a guide detailing how to safely take a picture of yourself.


9) The World’s Most Expensive Phone Is Worth $48.5 Million

Nita Ambani, the wife of businessman Muskesh Ambini, owns a phone made of 24-carat gold and pink goals with a gigantic diamond on the back. The phone is worth $48.5 million. We’re not sure if this makes Nita a total baller or a total idiot. Let’s just hope she doesn’t drop it in the toilet.


10) Seven Percent Of People Have Checked Their Phones During Sex…

According to a report done last year, seven percent of people have checked their phone during sex. For that seven percent, romance really is well and truly dead.


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