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A London virtual number can instantly give you a local presence in the capital without needing to invest thousands of pounds in a new office.

How To Get A London Office Without Paying City Rent

SCutler / 31 July, 2018

With demand for London office space growing and driving an increase in rent, business owners are looking for innovative ways to be where they need to be, whilst keeping costs down.

Whether you’re just starting up, you wish to relocate to London or expand into the city, opening a new office in the capital is a massive undertaking for any business.

Those looking for a rental office in London traditionally have two choices: rent a serviced office space, with a higher monthly cost, or a leasehold property, which requires significant up-front costs for office fit-out or modifications.

In the key central London commercial locations, you could be looking at between £550 and £800 per desk per month for an all-inclusive serviced office, or between £68 and £143 per square foot per year for a leased office space, including rates and service charges.

Add to that IT and recruitment costs, London salaries and all the other overheads associated with running a business, and you’re looking at a huge investment.

And it’s not just the price you need to consider. According to a report from property consultancy Knight Frank, London is facing a shortage of supply of new offices over the next three years due to high demand from biotech, technology, media and telecoms industries. The firm also warns that the lack of office supply will make it difficult for companies looking to move to central London in the next few years.

So, what if there was another way you could establish a London presence without the expense and hassle of physically opening a new office? With a London virtual telephone number, you could easily and cheaply set up in London without needing a single desk there.


What is a London Virtual Number?

Say your business is based in the north of England, but you have clients in London: you want to appear to have a presence in the capital without actually being there.

With a London virtual number, you get what looks like a local London phone number with an 020 area code, but which can then be forwarded on to your current destination, wherever you are in the country.

This means that, although you may pick up the phone hundreds of miles away, your number will be identical to a local one so your customers will perceive that you are in London.

With costs minimal compared to renting an office space, a London virtual number can instantly give you a local presence without investing thousands of pounds.


Are you looking to get a London number? WMX is a trusted global communications company and can supply UK Local Phone Numbers in London and other cities across the UK. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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