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International call forwarding helps businesses expand into new territories without opening a new office, making it much quicker, easier and cheaper to implement.

How To Begin Trading Overseas Without Setting Foot On A Plane

ATurton / 19 July, 2018

So, you’re looking to expand your business globally, but there’s a problem: you can’t or don’t want to open an overseas office. That’s where International Call Forwarding comes in. 

For many businesses, opening an international office is key to reaching and engaging with new customers and therefore to successful global expansion. But for some, it’s just out of grasp, whether that is for financial or logistical reasons. Companies that are looking to expand to another country but that don’t have the means to open a new headquarters need a way to be (or appear to be) where their customers are without needing to board a plane.

International call forwarding does just that. It helps businesses expand into new territories without having a physical presence there, making it much quicker, easier and cheaper to implement.


International Call Forwarding: What, How and Why?

International Call Forwarding is exactly as it sounds: it allows incoming calls in one country to be redirected to a phone in another country, meaning you can answer your customers’ calls wherever you or they are in the world without paying any more than a local call. And, by using virtual numbers in the form of a local number, those calling won’t have a clue that the phone is being picked up elsewhere. International call forwarding can therefore help increase consumer trust in your company.

As virtual numbers are hosted on reliable, secure networks, international call forwarding can also enable companies to avoid the infrastructure issues often associated with expanding in to a foreign country, particularly in the developing world.

Overall, international call forwarding means businesses can benefit from appearing to have a local presence without ever needing to leave their existing offices.


What Type of Number?

So, you’ve decided international call forwarding could be for you: next you need to decide what your virtual phone number needs say about your company.

You can choose from three different number types, depending on the objectives of your international call forwarding and what you want to deliver to your customers:


You want your customers in an international location to feel they are calling a local office to increase brand trust.

An In-Country Local Number looks exactly like a local number, but it can be forwarded on to your business in another location. In-country call forwarding will give the perception that you have a local presence in that particular country, even if you do not. These numbers are ideal for multilingual/global call centres and businesses that want to operate in numerous countries but can’t afford to set up additional offices.


You want your international customers to feel they’re making a free call to a number in their own country.

An International Toll Free Number (ITFN) is an effective and attractive way to entice customers to contact your business via a Freephone number, which can then be forwarded on to your business, wherever you are. As the number looks and behaves just like a local toll-free number in the target country, this once again gives the impression that you’re somewhere you are not, helping boost brand trust in a particular location. It can also increase the amount of incoming calls by reassuring customers they won’t be charged for their calls.


You want your international customers to believe they are calling a trustworthy, freephone number, but you only want a single number that can be used across multiple countries.

A Universal Toll Free Number (UIFN) is similar to an ITFN, however, it is a single number which can be dialled from over 40 locations worldwide and can be redirected to your business without paying international rates. This single Freephone number can be used across all your international marketing collateral, so could help you save money on print, web and other marketing. UIFNs are associated with international companies/ organisations and resemble the recognisable ‘0800’ number, acting as marker of trust and helping boost consumer confidence.


WMX Global

Looking for International Call Forwarding to help grow your business? Whether you need to connect with new customers or connect new offices, we can help expand your global reach.

WMX Global is a leading technology and international communications provider, delivering high-quality international call forwarding solutions to various companies around the world.  Having developed relationships with multiple carriers across the globe, we have a network for international numbers for call forwarding. The global network for in-country local, toll free and universal toll free call forwarding numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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