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AI Impacting VoIP

3 Ways AI Will Impact Business VoIP?

ATurton / 12 September, 2017

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major buzzword these days. In short AI refers to any digital system that has the ability to learn and which can use the information it learns to better achieve its goals. Though not yet an established industry, with companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and IBM funding AI projects, it’s likely that AI will be making big waves soon.

Facial recognition. Autonomous cars. The semantic web. Each of these is made possible by AI. So how will AI impact the VoIP industry?


Intelligent Call RoutingAI Call Operator

Call centre operatives have to deal with a wide range of callers. They may be calm, frustrated or even angry. AI may soon be able to identify a particular caller’s problem or enquiry, their personality type and their current emotional state, and put them through to the most appropriate operator. Such a system has the potential to make call centres operate far more effectively and to sigificantly improve their customer service levels.


ChatbotsAI Chatbot

Chatbots are currently in vogue, with chatbot-based start-ups popping up all over the place. Whilst none of today’s chatbots are going to pass the Turing test, the technology is developing rapidly. Unlike a traditional IVR, an intelligent chatbot would be able to talk to callers in a two-way and reactive fashion, doing much of the work that a human would typically have to do. Combined with intelligent call routing, an AI chatbot could provide callers with an incredibly efficient and friendly initial interaction.


AI Translation

Multi-Language Conferencing

Language barriers can pose significant problems for businesses. Whether it’s calling their colleagues in another country, or attempting to do a deal with a foreign supplier, business people need to find ways to communicate across different languages effectively. Advances in AI speech recognition may soon make it possible for VoIP providers to offer real-time translation services for conferences and other calls. Such an advancement promises to help businesses work more collaboratively and efficiently.


AI is still very much in its nascent stages. So, nobody really knows exactly how much of an impact AI will have and when we’re likely to start seeing concrete developments. That said, “soft AI” solutions are already being used by the likes of Google, Spotify, Netflix and Microsoft, and we can expect more and more companies to follow suit. As they do, AI is likely to play an increasingly important role in our lives.

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