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Breaking Down Modern Barriers to Global Business Productivity

ATurton / 7 April, 2016

Modern global communication blurs technological, economic, political and cultural boundaries. We are rapidly combining what were once independent methods of communication to a single stream of international networks. But, even in an age where we face fewer logistical problems when it comes to expansion; working in dispersed offices can be a challenge for even the most dynamic of international businesses. Effective, scalable, well thought out telephony and connectivity is the heart beat of your organisation and making the right choices can enable you to increase both productivity and profitability.

Organisational Alignment 

Aligning business connectivity and telecoms infrastructure to your commercial needs can maximise the economies of scale and scope in the geographic footprint for your global business. Allowing your business to be connected to multiple countries by presenting a local number to your customers/clients can increase your customer to business interaction and have a direct impact on your bottom line, without dramatically increasing your overheads.


Productivity is Paramount

Ensuring your employees get the most out of their working day is a sure fire way to increase productivity, reduce recruitment and employee costs by ensuring your work force feel empowered; working within a sleek operation where they can communicate easily and freely. An international hosted PBX allows your teams to communicate to one another as if they were in the same office, only having to dial an extension number to reach an office at the other side of the world.


Rapid Adjustment

Ensuring that your business puts telephony and connectivity infrastructure in place to be able to grow as rapidly as your business needs to grow, without the constraints of traditional cumbersome telephony and connectivity, is key to sustaining international growth within any industry. No business wants to be held back because their infrastructure cannot scale quickly enough. With expansion in to other countries being a more accessible way to fuel the growth of your business; lack of adaptable and powerful connectivity infrastructure will have an inevitable impact on production and the profitability of your company.


United Workforce

Ensuring your employees are able to work a within a zone appropriate time frame means you will reduce business losses relating to over-working. U.S. businesses alone lose $206 billion each yeadue to factors related to extended-hours operations including lost productivity, high absenteeism, greater staff turnover, higher health-care costs and more accidents on the job. Ensuring your communications are efficient, appropriate and easily adaptable to the nature of your business is something which is not to be overlooked. With the correct cloud hosted phone system and call rerouting you can allow your calls to be rerouted to another office when one country goes to sleep, enabling your business to work as a united force where all employees can have appropriate working hours and your business never misses a beat.

As you’re looking to move in to new territories encompassing multiple sites and with the goal of multinational customer acquisition you cannot afford to overlook the importance of scalable and resilient communication whether that be from employee to employee or from consumer to business.




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