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Transforming Global Communications

WMX Global is a leading and innovative communications and technology provider, having developed strong relationships with global carriers, WMX has a powerful core network for international communications.

Why WMX Global?

Introducing the Ultimate Communications Platform

Global Voice Solutions

WMX Global is a leading and innovative international communications provider, with established relationships from renowned carriers across the globe. Delivering an extensive platform for international voice solutions, the WMX network for country local, toll free, universal toll free and revenue share numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities worldwide. With an international presence within the telecommunications market, WMX is well positioned to advise and offer recommendations regarding your global numbering strategy.

Connectivity Solutions

WMX can provide you with a highly secure and robust global connectivity whilst also maintaining outstanding customer support. With a presence in multiple international internet exchanges and unilateral peering relationships with key stakeholders means an optimal traffic flow to UK, European and Global network operators. Connectivity with WMX Global is the ideal solution for all businesses requiring a steadfast platform for their global internet traffic.

Hosting & IT Solutions

WMX can reduce your business operational expenditure whilst providing first class, reliable technical third line support with personalised customer service. Our Isle of Man Data centre fulfils the offshore hosting requirements for many international businesses operating on a global scale. WMX Global can ensure the data services you require are safe and secure in case of any disaster and at the same time reduce expensive in-house IT costs.


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